Vatika Masala Turmeric Powder

Vatika Masala Turmeric Powder

Vatika Masala Turmeric Powder Pouch

  • 100% NATURAL:- It is 100% natural and pure and ensures a genuine and authentic taste.
  • USES FOR:- You can add turmeric powder in pulao, greenies,sabjis , health compliments, or vegetables.
  • READY TO USE:-Vatika turmeric powder is sourced from one of the region’s ideals for its rich-yellow color turmeric.
  • QUALITY:- Our turmeric powder is the goodness of nature and the quintessential spice of every kitchen.

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India has utilized turmeric masala powder for thousands of years as a spice and a healing herb. The traditional beliefs that turmeric includes chemicals with therapeutic benefits are now being supported by research. The primary active component of turmeric is curcumin. It is a very potent antioxidant and has potent anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Highly aromatic turmeric or Haldi. 
  • Contain all-natural oils. 
  • The perfect quantity of active ingredients is called curriculum. 
  • Golden spice- contains herbal properties. 
  • Natural and pure. 


  • Ingredients:- 
    Highly aromatic turmeric. 
  • Golden spice:- 
    Turmeric is often called golden spice because of its antioxidant and herbal properties. Every
    pack of Vatika turmeric powder carries an agile ingredient known as curcumin. 
  • Best in quality:-  
    We aim to deliver fine-quality turmeric powder that preserves the richness of flavor and aroma. 
  • Healthy & hygienic:- 
    It has highly recommended by experts and natural immunity booster that protects you from many
  • Yellow-rich color:-
    Our turmeric source is from the Salem region in Tamil Nadu. Salem is famously known as the region for offering rich-yellow color turmeric. 
  • Retain essential oils:- 
    Turmeric has the active ingredient curcumin which acts as an antioxidant. Our turmeric contains the perfect amount of curcumin and retains its natural oils.

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